Program Manager

emily-headshot-2Emily DeVries

Graduating top of her class, Emily DeVries has a post-grad certificate in Children’s Media: Writing, Production, and Management from Centennial College in Toronto, Canada.  Prior to this, Emily received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Religious Studies from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. In this program, she dedicated most of her psychology degree to courses in Child Development.  Since completing her studies, Emily has been working with the kidsmediacentre based out of Centennial College on several research projects involving media for children and assessment of its effects. This involved both qualitative and quantitative study design, implementation, assessment, and report writing.

Additionally, Emily DeVries has played a managing role in past short-term projects, research projects, and television production work for various companies and organizations.

Head IT and / Technology Operations


Is a Strategic, multidisciplinary Computer Engineer, Web/Graphics designer and artist with A God given eye of innovations and perfection. He has previously worked for different organizations in the IT/Technology sector like Film Garage, March For Christ,  Center For Social Research & Arthouse.  Having a colossal skill set, my greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of interactive children content design, social media, brand identity design, content creation and print collateral. I combine my knowledge and experience in these areas so as to deliver the best creativity for the children audiences.

Social Media & Communication.

graceGrace Akatch

Due to receive her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from United States International University -Africa in August 2015.Grace Adhiambo is currently a contributing writer at The Star Newpaper and volunteer at USIU fundraising unit, where she is responsible for strategic communications, knowledge dissemination and outreach to key sponsors and partners.
She has previously worked as a social media manager for Hot Sun Foundation and behind the scenes photographer at Hot Sun Films.
She is also an aspiring film producer.

Head Television Content Producer.

IMG-20150502-WA0001#1MainaGwaro Anthony, Kenyan

A television production specialist with extensive experience in television broadcasting media and related disciplines including; concept development and production, product packaging, resource procurement and management, budget functions, personnel training and management. Excellent interpersonal communication, with a bias in video editing, photography, script writing and directing.

Anthony is an award winning producer, won the international children’s day of broadcast (ICDB) awarded by UNICEF for best documentary (2008-2010) , best documentary during the Tumaini awards-2011, Won the annual tourism awards for best documentary warded by Uganda Wildlife Authority in 2010

He worked at Ugandan local television for a period of seven years as a news director, production manager but wasbest known as programs producer and appropriator of a hit shows such as “Teens club” which is still on for over fifty years now and has natured many Uganda television and Radio presents as well as main stream actors.

Senior Legal Advisor

legalNorman Mbabazi

He is a professional qualified, highly experienced, motivated and an enthusiastic lawyer and an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda and all courts subordinate.

Since 2012 Norman has been involved in the East African film industry as a company secretary of Uganda federation of movie industry. (The Audio Visual Collective Management Organization) and he has conducted numerous free workshops in intellectual property management.

In March 2014 due to high demand from many different artist, Norman established the only existing intellectual property center (IP Centre) in Uganda and also carrying out his legal practice (advocate) at Nyanzi, Kiboneka & Mbabazi advocates.

Assistant Legal Advisor.

asstAgrace Atuhairwe Mugizi

She is a Ugandan, an Advocate, poetess, writer, film enthusiast and entrepreneur. She has previously worked with Tongoi & Company, Advocates in Nairobi-Kenya as a Legal Intern and now practices as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

Agrace has formerly worked with Zuka Students’ Film Festival as Head of Marketing, 5West Productions as a voice character, and Maisha Film Festival during the 2011 festival as a runner. She has worked with Film Garage since its inception in 2010, taking on roles as an Assistant Film Director, voice character and Production Manager, currently its Legal Advisor.

Agrace is passionate about the Law and its diversity into many other areas of financial development and investment, community empowerment and individual growth and knowledge. She fuses her knowledge of the Law with the passion for poetry, film, writing and entrepreneurship to challenge her peers, learned friends and acquaintances to embrace the ‘think out of the box’ notion.

She is also currently working on publishing her collection of poems, ‘Kisses of A Lady’ and ‘To My Alien Friend’.

Finance / Accountant

judithJudith Kalemba

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Iwoyja Elizabeth

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