Garage Education Curriculum

What is it?

  • A video-based curriculum supplement focusing on daily, context-relevant application of current government mandated curricular goals.

Taking the mandated learning objectives of the Ugandan education curriculum, Garage Education Curriculum will present lessons through video representations of how the relevant learning can be and is, applied in the life of a Ugandan child.

How and Why…

should a child in P2, in a school in rural Uganda, who has no access (whether due to availability or lack of financial means) to textbooks, notebooks, or other relevant academic tools, care about learning to subtract double digit numbers?

  • GEC attempts to answer these questions for students through creating video lesson aides that teach the desired skills by featuring Ugandan children using the skills in everyday contexts that would be familiar to the students.
    • For example, the subtraction episode would feature a girl at her home, and presented with a need to buy both bananas and potatoes, she must subtract the price of the bananas from the amount of money she has to see how much money she will have left. Since she doesn’t have paper or a pencil, she finds a stick, and writes the equation in the dirt at her feet to work out the answer.


Distribution that Makes a Difference

Children learn in all contexts, so in order to amplify learning possibilities, GEC will take a three-pronged, holistic approach to education by making the curriculum supplements available to children in school, at home, and in society.

  • Curriculum focuses on taking current curricular lessons and conveying them in ways that are obviously relevant to the students and their lifestyles.
  • For each prong of distribution, instructional supplements will be available for the content deliverers. The three-pronged distribution method includes:
    • School – Content made available with prepared lesson plans and instruction to teachers
    • Home – Content made available with interaction aid/learning objectives to parents
    • Society – Content delivered to television broadcasters with assigned screening schedule to optimize views, engagement, & learning