Africa Children’s News Room


The most exciting and entertaining news broadcast you’ve ever tuned-in for, together, our 4 charismatic newscasters take the week’s events and break them down so that even a child can understand it – and they should know – since they’re still children themselves.

Children see what is happening in the world around them, but they don’t always understand it or know how to react to it.  This show not only allows Ugandan children to see themselves represented on screen, it gives them opportunity to truly understand and engage with the events happening in the world around them.

The added bonus of asking children to deliver and discuss the current news, is that children are often the best at simplifying things, and are frequently surprising adults with their humour and honesty.

Taking the format of a typical news broadcast, our 4 kiddie newscasters take on the responsibility of sharing the news they heard about each week through discussion, understanding, and explaining it to the other newscasters.


An additional segment each episode includes a new child each week, having a discussion with a parent.  We film the parent asking their child what they understand about a specific news event and explaining the parts the child doesn’t understand and what it means for them personally.


Taking it to the Streets

Mobile Media Library

A mobile tech-hub stocked with computers, tablets, and print media, as well as a printer, cameras, mics, and other equipment necessary for acquiring, interpreting, and creating news/media. The Mobile Media Library will give ACNR the ability to reach an even wider range of participants. Its mobility will make the resources even more accessible as we can bring them to the children & youth instead of always waiting for them to come to us. It will give communities important access to valuable media and skills-development.

In the Camps

The ACTFF vision for ACNR is to bring the programming into refugee camps, where children and youth are extremely vulnerable.  Featuring children and news stories from within the camps themselves, ACNR will be created and delivered through the eyes, ears, and mouths of kids.


Our refugee camp programming includes Media Literacy training (What is Media Literacy), and training in news production skills including story editing, audio production, video production, and post-production.  These skills will be taught through assisting the children/youth in the production of episodes of ACNR.

We’re currently gathering partners, funding, and volunteers to make this dream happen.  Consider joining us: Volunteer, Contact Us, or Donate today!