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January 25, 2016 / admin / News

Emotionally or Physically, Am not Ready. (A telecast doc series on early forced marriage)


The titled of our project was drafted during our research, from the words of a victim in Kenya who was forced to marry at the age of 14 years and later she was infected with HIV.

Forced marriage undermines the ability of girls or young women to make or negotiate sexual decisions. Early child marriage or forced marriage is a violation of human rights for girls or young women and regardless of its being forbidden by both civil law and some religious laws; it exists at a high rate in East African region.


This project is the first ever regional television program dedicated to breaking media silence on child, early and forced marriage and work around the major factors that have led to increase of the vice in our society such as lack of legal protection, poverty and cultural or religious factors.


Media has been the most powerful tool in solving most of the world injustice, making criminal personal issues everyone’s business and putting pressure to whoever is responsible to take action.

This project is to use media to prevent child, early and forced marriage by making this vice everyone’s business through digital media formats and at same time educate the children, parents, policymaker, authorities, cultural leader and the public, why girls should not be force into early marriage.

With the main purpose of increasing empowerment and support for respect of civil rights of both girls and young women.

Action to be taken to gain output:

This campaign runs on local television stations using several advocacy methods in an integrated manner. Each country’s project group will be steered by the lobbing team, Media Team and online Team and each team will carry out different activities but all will be integrated into a 20 minutes media report television weekly program.

Each project country produces two media report programs and this making a total of  4 episodes, to broadcast once a week for 4 weeks on a local channels in Uganda and Burundi.

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