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Charlotte Giese is since 2015 Special Consultant at the Danish Film Institute (DFI) in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Charlotte Giese was from 1998 – 2014 head of The DFI Children & Youth unit, which was established in order to consolidate the strong position of Danish children’s films at home and abroad. Denmark traditionally places a high priority on films for children and youth. The unit’s tasks include film education, teacher training, distribution, regional screening programs for schools and pre-school children, international cultural exchange projects and an ongoing dialogue with the professional film industry. The unit is also involved in support schemes for Danish cinemas, art house film distribution, film literacy programs and film festivals.
From 1992-1998 Charlotte Giese held the position as consultant for short & documentaries for children & youth, also at the Danish Film Institute. She was one of the co-founders of the Buster Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children & Youth (2000), former Vice-President of Centre International du Film pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse (CIFEJ) and European Children’s Films association (ECFA). Charlotte Giese has been responsible for a number of cultural exchange projects concerning children, youth and film around the world – right now for instance in East Africa and Middle East.

Charlotte Giese has a university degree in sociology and communication (1985). She worked as a free-lancer until 1992 – within different fields: audio-visual production for UN and Danida in Africa and Asia, international film festivals (art-films, dance-films), teacher at the University of Copenhagen in culture and communication – and teacher in dance/movement.


She is a renown film director, producer, writer and educator. The initial part of her career saw her actively involved as an activist in women and children’s movements, using theatre and art as mediums of expression and for conflict resolution. She worked in many developmental programmes and facilitated many workshops in the ‘child rights’ arena. She was involved in the establishment of the South African Charter on Children’s Rights and also participated as well as prepared the South African child that represented AFRICA at the International Human Rights Conference in Vienna in June 1993. These projects were all under the auspices of the National Children’s Rights Committee and UNICEF.

She holds a Masters in African studies from OHIO, University-USA, Co-Founder and President: Africa’s Best Channel- (A Children and Youth TV and Radio Channel-Nigeria 2010- Present). International Advisor and Media Consultant: On many international media Organizations and companies.

Director- MOMENTS ENTERTAINMENT, Film and Media Production Company Based in South Africa and Nigeria (1994-Present) and Children and Broadcasting Foundation for Africa (1994- Present).

She has produced the award winning series entitled -African Pen Pals (10 x 15-minute programmes based on children from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and Tanzania). This series has been introduced into Ohio schools as part of a school curriculum with education materials and website support.

In March 2010, Firdoze launched ABC- A Pan African Children and Youth Channel in Nigeria .

gordonDebbie Gordon – Director, kids media centre, Canada.

Debbie spent the first twenty years of her life working in the television, advertising and marketing industries with a number of large multi-national agencies. She worked on child and adult directed brands and across a multitude of media disciplines with companies like Unilever, Hershey, Heinz, Kraft, Levis, YTV, Much Music, CTV and Global.

One day, when Debbie was wiping SpaghettiO’s off the floor, her daughter began espousing the virtues of Mr Clean. According to her daughter, the nice white man in the bottle would take care of all her house-cleaning woes and leave her floors clean and shiny. Years of TVO and PBS co-viewing and mediating her children’s media diet, could not have prepared her for this.

This epiphanous moment resulted in the 2001 birth of Debbie’s media literacy consulting practice, Mediacs. Debbie has spent ten years on the front lines, traveling to schools – talking to kids, teachers and parents, analyzing the world through the lens of the media. Over the years, she has tracked the incredible trajectory of kids’ passion for the online space, all the while helping them make smart, safe, cyber choices. Debbie’s work in the area of body image, gender representation, digital media, healthy eating, and youth marketing attracted the attention of organizations and media across the country. Debbie has coordinated several conferences on gaming and digital literacy for school boards. She has guided corporations and government agencies on important corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives including writing the digital literacy column for Microsoft, creating game-safety messaging for X-box and developing web strategies and activities for the Dove Self Esteem fund.

Debbie has written on children and media for CBC Radio,, Today’s Parent Magazine, Scholastic, Canadian Living, Reader’s Digest, Owl, American Dietician and has been a regular guest speaker at many public health, marketing and education conferences.

MB-LF69-portrait-smallMELLIE BUSE

Mellie is a children’s and family script writer, voice director, script editor and Producer. She has many years’ experience in both development and production, collaborating with both British and International companies. She runs writing courses and workshops and is a regular speaker and mentor at the London Screenwriters’ Festival, The Children’s Media Conference and The London Comedy Festival. She has experience of theatre, radio and digital content creation.

Mellie was the story editor on Tiger Aspect’s award winning animation adaptation of Lauren Child’s CHARLIE & LOLA books for the BBC. She was Head Writer and Show Runner on Jim Henson’s Bafta winning pre-school series THE HOOBS, and has written extensively over the years for all the leading kids’ entertainment companies.

Ten years ago, together with writing colleague Jan Page, she established Adastra Creative, an independent production company to write and produce five series of the top rated, BAFTA nominated CBeebies show GRANDPA IN MY POCKET, which has sold to 106 countries worldwide. HA HA HAIRIES, Adastra’s second live action show, launched on Cartoonito UK, s4c and Cartoon Network channels in Europe/Middle East and Africa in 2012. In 2013, Mellie established a new company, Adastra Development, which she runs with TV Producer and Director, Martin Franks, to develop IPs for traditional TV Platforms, as well as creating new digital media for children.

Mellie is passionate about creating children’s content that is culturally relevant to its audience. She was born in Uganda and spent the first fifteen years of her life in East Africa so is particularly honoured to be part of this new, exciting organisation.