Mission & Vision


“Committed to providing African children with cultured, educative, developmental and valuable entertainment”.


Educating, entertaining and culturally informing African children through higher standards of creativity and innovative entertainment.

Target Group.

One of biggest challenges of raising a child in Africa is misidentification of who they are or media misrepresentation, this is because of the fact that media not being about or for African children as primary consumers is in a way an implicit statement on the dispensability of their local cultures. An invitation for them to join the consumer bandwagon on its own terms can only entail an invitation to self-denial, self-evacuation, or self-devaluation, and the glorification of the creativities and mediocrities of other cultures.

We have all been infants, we have learned to walk because we saw someone walking or speaking a language we are good at from someone who knows it better. ACTFF works with the next generation of tomorrow, whom we believe can be the long anticipated change in Africa. Children of age 2-11yrs and 12-18yrs as we classify them in groups of two, we believe, are key in determining the future of their society if provided with the right inspirational developmental, educative and cultured media content.